Employment Typecasting

Preconceived Notions Variety is the spice of life…why do so many recruiters develop such a boxed-in, preconceived notion of what the ideal candidate looks like? It’s a question [...]


2017 Weakest (& Best) Design Trends

Trends come and go But classic elements of good design are timeless. Earlier in the year Behance and others have certainly nailed it in terms of what the year held in trends. We’ve all seen [...]


Know Your Worth

On Being Confident in your Creative Value Knowing your value and developing confidence to negotiate a salary or an hourly rate as a freelance or full-time creative is not something you’re [...]


The Artificial Intelligence Debate

“I will bring jobs back to America” That’s the promise of Trump to the blue collar workers, many of them were his voter base. I find this statement to be both misleading and [...]


Email Marketing ROI

Smart Strategy and Great Creative Drive Results I recently had a conversation with an associate about email marketing, and gleaned some details of excellent results we recently produced with an [...]


Investing in Our Future

Leaders Rise Despite the Tide When you go through the rite of passage called parenthood, your perspective about the future hopefully changes a little bit, and a new consciousness forms. Among the [...]


Technology Turnover

The conundrum of technology turnover It’s December, and beyond time I upgrade my workstation to keep up with the times. What to get…what to get? I’ve been loosely researching [...]


Some Pictures from MAXBash 2016

Adobe Throws a Great Party I finally got around to unloading the card from my SLR, and found a couple of descent shots I took at the MAX Bash at the Adobe MAX 2016 conference. Very fun event, [...]


Finding Peace in a Moving World

It’s Easy to Get Upset Thinking of the state of the world, and the intense hardship that some people around the globe have to deal with, and specifically in relation to the recent election [...]


A Visit to Adobe MAX Conference

It’s been a long time coming! Wow, after a career in design for more than 20 years, it’s kind of hard to believe I’d not yet made it to the top creativity conference in the [...]

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