Corporate Photography

This is a case study in photography for Yardi Systems national talent recruitment campaign. These images were shot and published in a campaign that accelerated hiring from under 2000 employees (2012), to over 6000 employees currently.

That’s … Huge … Growth.

Read on below.

Images are very important to telling your story. This is a case study of some images that were shot for Yardi Systems. It was important for stakeholders in the talent acquisitions department to convey a fun and human aspect to the company, so a collaboration was created to create a shoot list.

The first step in the process was working with Julia, the talent engagement manager for the company. We compiled a list of potential people to shoot, including some of the characters, and diversity of the company. Gabe helped every step of the way, scouting the locations around the company campus, and selecting the talent to model.

Fun Embodied

The final outcome included both studio and location photographs. One of the empty conference rooms was converted to an on-site studio for the day. Gabe brought studio strobes, completed setup by morning, and slotted employees for informal portraits.

This shot of Alison embodied the idea of fun at work. Who get’s to go model in their normal corporate day? Not many. It was a fun way to break up normal routine, and the photos became a valuable assets for the recruitment campaign and marketing team.


Embracing diversity in your company story is very important. Every amazing project is based on collaboration and diversity of ideas. Stephen made a perfect model to illustrate the concept along with Aditha and Rob.

Part of the assignment was to pick out locations in the campus that were corporate, but allowed also a light, lifestyle look. So we added models in front of south-facing windows often to allow backlighting.


Silke, Michael and Adam made  a great trio to shoot in the boardroom. Although Silke and Adam are no longer with the company, with model releases signed, the company is still able to publish the images like rights-managed stock.

The goal was to show real employees in real working situations, and the photos could then be versatile enough to be used not only in recruitment campaigns, but also in our product marketing collateral.


And of course, you’ve got to have some more fun, and add some personality. Steve is the Video Producer for the company. And he wanted to bring his guitar for a prop. What a great way to add something to the story of the culture? All inclusive, musicians too. Tell your story, and create resonance with your audience.

hr-trifold-frontThere were too many good shots to include in this brochure, but you can see how the final product makes an impactful hand out for job fairs or mailings. A matching pop-up banner for job fairs was created for this campaign, and the recruitment campaign helped the company talent triple over a few years.

The images were also published, along with many others, in brochures, on the web site, and across the company social media channels, creating a ton of value for the company. This campaign attracted a ton of talent at career fairs, online, and contributed to the growth of this international software company.

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