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Nordyke Creative

Welcome to Nordyke Creative, the personal portfolio site of Gabriel Nordyke. Gabe is a skilled senior creative professional, specializing in design across the digital landscape.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment” – Buddha


_mg_5723The roots of his career started around high school graduation in 1992, possibly even earlier. A kid infatuated with art in high school eventually has a renaissance, and a career revelation. The evolution of his skills started in 1992 working at a camera store, where he learned to use camera equipment, print, and work with studio lights. At the time, it was a fun part-time college job, but subconsciously, he’s always known that photography is a fundamental tool to designers.

Flash forward, and Gabe was attending UC Santa Barbara majoring in Studio Art and Digital Media, and interned at Islands Publishing working on web graphics in 1996, when the web was in its infancy. He joined ABC-CLIO publishing in 1998 where he worked on award-winning educational multimedia projects and databases, first as production artist, then designer and design lead.

Another common thread in his career has been the desire to share the inspiration and how-to of multimedia design. So in 2000, on a whim, as a junior designer with some, but not a ton of experience, he applied to teach design at Santa Barbara City College, one of the most progressive and renowned community colleges in the nation. He went on to teach there, developing curriculum and teaching User Interface design when the term was still not commonplace. He taught there for a few years and lead young creative talent to produce work winning some national design awards. He went on to teach other hands-on graphic design classes at UC Santa Barbra Extension programs as well.

Since then his work’s been published worldwide, from television networks like FOX and ESPN, to national and international publications. He’s worked in virtually every media, and consistently created work that motivates and converts. He’s collaborated with small startup companies and international enterprise companies alike. Evolving strategic brand campaigns to the next level is his passion.

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